GPS Protection
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We have a range of GPS devices for all type of vehicles. Protect your family vehicle, work vehicles, equipment such as excavators. backhoes, graders or road work's vehicles. There is a choice of realtime tracking which will track the vehicle in realtime recording routes, speed and location data.

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Active versus Intermittent Trackers

Intermittent GPS and active GPS are equally beneficial and have both helped users in more ways than one, but the way they work differs. Intermittent GPS trackers do not provide realtime location. Depending on the tracker it may report location once per day. The benefit of these trackers are that they are usually wireless so do not require professional installation. If a vehicle is stolen the tracker can be activated to provide realtime tracking for a short period of time. The other advantage is that the battery on these trackers can last up to 3 years. Intermittent GPS trackers are ideal for customers not wanting to be tracked in realtime but want in the event of their vehicle being stolen they can locate it in an instant

Active vehicle tracking systems collect data but transmit the data in near-real time or in real time via cellular or satellite networks to a computer or mobile device for evaluation and record keeping. This type of tracking system is more complex but offers more advantages brought by its functions, as having access to information from active trackers can lead to more effective business.

Wireless versus hard wired GPS Units

Wireless GPS devices offer flexibility as they do not need to be installed by a professional. Depending if the device it can be realtime or intermittent and the battery can be recharged. The larger battery models can provide up to 90 days standby and are recharged via a USB cable. Built -in motion sensors can activate GPS tracking in realtime. Realtime tracking will reduce the battery. These units generally have a magnet making them simple to attach to many different types of vehicles.

Hard wired GPS trackers are best suited for vehicles that require continual realtime tracking. These types of trackers can also have additional functions such as disabling the ignition on the vehicle adding an additional level of security. Whilst the simple units consist of two wires an active and negative and a constant power source are simple to install. Professional installation is required when accessing the vehicles ignition system especially on modern vehicles that have computer controlled ignition systems.